Thursday, 17 December 2009

Waste A Moment

I am beinging to dislike Thursday's

It is my last day on shift, I'll give it that. But because near all of my work friends work Saturday to Wednesday as opposed to my Sunday to Thursday shifts, I tend to be on my own from 6 o'clock until clocking off time at 8. If you did my job you would understand how excruciatingly tedious those two hours are without anyone to talk to.

There's also the fact that my sister doesn't finish work until 8:45. now normally this wouldn't be a problem and I would walk the mile or so back home, but it being winter, dark and a rough area of Manchester I don't particularly want to risk getting mugged or worse just for the sake of 45 minutes until I can get a lift. It does leave me with the problem of what to do between me and my sister finishing. Manchester is a pretty fun city, but honestly what can I do that is fun for 45 minutes? (No rude answers please).

Other than my work gripes, I am enjoying life this week. I have some epic new friends from work and the Fighstar Forum, who keep me entertained on a daily basis and I am very much looking forward to the holiday period, I get to go home twice. Once to Maidstone to see my family, it'll be the first time My Brother, My two Sisters and me will be in the same room for the first time in about 5 years, so I am mucho looking forward to that, plus I get to see my neice at Christmas for what I think is the first time...Don't quote me on that though.

Then I get to go to the Island, which I couldn't be more excited about. New years is going to be more fun than I could possibly imagine. I'm looking forward to hooking up with my Manx homies, and catching up on a lot of drinkign time with them. Plus it may do me good to be back and make me feel better about my current situation. It's hard being away from my best friends, so seeing them should satisfy my quota at least until around my Birthday :P.

I have one New Years Resolution lined up, 2010 will be here-by dubbed "Ash's Fantasmic Year of Gigs and Festivals!" I missed out on a hell of a lot of things growing up, but the one thing I did miss the most wast going to see the bands that I idolise, I have been lucky enough to see two of them in the past year and a bit and now I am ready to see more. I'm already going to Amsterdam to see Fightstar and InMe in February, and I plan tro do a hella lot more. So if anyone wants in on this, give me the band name and date and I'll be there in an instant :p

That's about all for this week, dunno if there is going to be a blog next week because I'll be hoooome from Christmas.

Have a wonderful festive period y'all and stay safe :)

Love 'n' Stuff


P.S Happy Birthday for today Nicola and happy Birthday for tomorrow Sarah :)


  1. Fightstar and InMe? Are you going to the Belgium gig? :-o Or are InMe playing the UK? lol

    You could always... go to the pub for 45 minutes. :-)

    Your holidays sound good, I'm hoping to see my sisters but other than that I'm probably not seeing any of my family or friends, hmph! Let me know if you're in the area when you're down this way. xx

  2. InMe are supporting in Amsterdam now :D

    I am even more excited:P