Thursday, 3 December 2009

Sunday, bloody Sunday

Before I start this rant into the world of old people and religion, I must point out that I have no problem with religion in any way. I'm just an athiest, so I will obviously have views that are biased towards the whole "there is no God" theory.

Anyway, to what I wanted to discuss. I work in a call centre doing shifts, as such I find myself working every Sunday from 10am to 6pm. My job is basically a switchboard kind of role, my colleagues and I sit on an automated dialling system and try our damndest to transfer whichever cretin decides to pick up the phone through to their account manager's who will try to fleece the money they owe us out of them. It's like being in the mob, but less organised and more foreign people.

working on Sunday throws up a few problems, as I work for a catelogue company the majority of our "customers" tend to sway towards the older side, and have certain beliefs about Sunday being the day of rest, this gets on my tits something rotten, and I will explain why. My annoyance falls in to three major points:

1. If you were to go out to a shop on a Sunday and purchase an intem, you would be expected to pay for it there and then. I don't see why it being the "Sabbath" entitles you not to pay money that you owe somebody. If I was owed a substantial amount of money and the person who owed it to me had entered into an agreement whereby they pay it back, then they fall short on their promise I wouldn't give a crap if it was Sunday or not I would expect them to pay the money otherwise I would get the police involved, because at the end of the day it is theft. God frowns on that don't you know.

2. As I have already stated, I am an athiest. I don't buy into the "there is a life after this one" farce, I am a firm believer that when you die, you die. I wouldn't use Charles Darwins birthday as an excuse to get out of something, so why should they "day of rest" be a valid excuse to hang the phone up on me in disgust. I'm not saying all religious types do this, it just generally tends to be those stuck in their ways and look down on anyone who isn't a Christian. If you do that to me, you will be getting calls every fifteen minutes until you speak to me. It's ridiculous.

3. Yes, just because you believe in God, you have the luxury of having Sunday's off. But for people in the real world, who need to earn money, we will work whatever hours we can get our hands on. Don't think that I am in fact the anti-christ because I am trying to earn a living and pay my bills. It just makes me hate you more.

I am sick to death of it and I will not be made to feel like a pathetic excuse for a human being, because you think that Sunday should be preserved as the day of rest. If that is the case, take it up with my boss who will quite happily laugh at your pompous and quite frankly ridiculous beliefs and morals.

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  1. Haha, people seriously still think Sunday is a day of rest? I mean I suppose it is, but even my Christian friends from camp... AMERICAN Christian friends, no less - you know, the ones who take everything in the Bible literally and all that, lol... don't think like that. Church in the morning but then it's pretty much do whatever you like, if that means work then so be it - they all had to work on Sundays anyway, at a Christian camp. :-p