Monday, 30 November 2009

The Earth Will Shake

Wow, an update. From my iPhone no less. This may take a while :D. If it is riddled with mistakes, I apologise.

So, the deal is Virgin Media are wank and kept cocking us around and Sky is hoving into view. It means we are going to have to wait for the Internet, BUT it should actually work AND it means we get Sky+ aswell WOOT (To much capitalisation fail).

It does mean I'll only get three days (Internet is being installed on the 21st December) of my alotted WoW free month, but what they hey.

I've booked my trip home for New Year, I will be gracin the Isle Of Man with my presence from the 30th to the 4th of Jan and I cannot wait to bring in the new year with the guys :) it will be amazing.

Anyway, bigger update before the week is out :) listen to Thrice, all of you

Love 'n' Stuff


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