Wednesday, 18 November 2009

I Stare Straight Into The Sun

Okay, so it may have been an inexplicably long time since I last posted, but no-one actually reads this right?

Life seems to be taking a sharp upward curve towards the delights of happiness. And those of you who know my past will know that whilst some things still don't make any sense to me, I have accepted that they are in the past and have finally moved on. I have a job, a wonderful girlfriend, and I am going to see Fightstar again in a few weeks playing an acoustic set =D Life is gooood.

Manchester is a wonderful place to live, in my eyes anyway, it's vibrant and alive but without being oppressive and destructive to your soul like London is. Whilst I still haven't really made any strides in attaining a social live, I do appear to be getting to a happy stage in my life where I am not feeling like I have to have everything right now. I am willing to wait to start being social again, I don't want to rush into anything and end up in a state of borderline depression that will leave an angry. red, emotional scar on a tear stained face (woo, poetic). I don't want to make the same mistake of getting close to people so soon and then, when mistakes are inevitably made, lose people I thought I could trust (Yes, I know "It was my fault blah, blah, blah. I'm just saying is all).

Anyway, Manchester. Amazing city, not where I live, but it's definitely better than the dank cesspit, riddled with crime and putrid cretins that I thought it was going to be. I should definitely start giving things more credit. The city itself is a really nice place to wander around and it is certainly more lively than Horley.

Whilst I have had a few minor issues, I am really enjoying it. and hopefully this is the start of my life, away from the pain and torment. Hopefully.

Love 'n' Stuff



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  1. Manchester is practically in Liverpool. You should stop by and have tea and cake with me and Alexx. Or a pint, whichever. xx