Monday, 7 September 2009

20 Bucks says you'll remember me, when you see me on your TV Screen

It's been a while since I gave a proper update. Not that I rekon anyone is interested, but to hell with you =D.

Life is kind of plodding along at a gentle pace, I have my course to be getting on and for now I seem to be content with life. I mean nothing seems to be happening to make me feel like shit, which is always a good thing.

I did ahve a pretty strange dream the other night though, that involved all those people who I seem to have pissed off in recent months, basically it ended with me running around in a Fable 2 kind of enviroment (obsessed, much?) trying to decide if I was a hero or a villain. I was a villain, because it's much more fun to kill all those people who annoy you as opposed to trying to win them round (in the game you must understand, I don't want to murder anyone =P).

I'm living in Manchester as of next Monday for at least a week. My sister kindly offered me a change of scenery and a chance at getting a job, so I would be a fool not to jump and bite her hand off. I'm only going up for a week initially, just to see if I like the area and the place I'm going to be staying at, and if I do then I'll have Mancunian to add to the ever growing list of accents that I'll have to try and understand. It will be good for me, as much as I love my parents and being with my family, I think a change is needed to get me out working and socialising.

Speaking of family, I just want to congratulate my neice who won an award for dancing, being the hideous uncle that I am I forget what the award is called but it's still pretty God damn cool. She's such an ace little person, and I am so proud of her =]. I also owe her 20 presents apparently for all the Christmases and Birthday's I missed out on ¬_¬ I want an iPhone dammit =P.

Musically I have been pretty much stalking Fightstar recently, in the build up to the Halloween concert which cannot come some enough. But I have been listening to a couple of new bands, one of them I got into last night called "First Of Many" who, according to their myspace, make music similar to Fightstar and Reuben which is a pretty awesome mix to be honest. I've also been getting back to my roots listening to Deftones, ATD-I, Pearl Jam etc. Which has been uber fun!

Anyway, here's my top 5:

Deftones - Minerva

ATD-I - Quarantined
Brand New - Jesus Christ
Pearl Jam - Even Flow
Fightstar - NERV/SEELE

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