Friday, 21 August 2009

Will this ever end, I'm tired of all this walking.

I've been mulling over in my head, because lets face it I don't really have anyone to talk to, about what to write about tonight. I have come to a decision that some people may not like, and I am going to discuss Football.

Now I know that a fair few of my friends dislike it, and I really wanted this blog to be about other things, but Football is one of the only things I can sit down and watch to relax. The common misconception is that most football fans are deluded and idiotic, this is simply not the case. I talk to fans each and every day who are just as intelligent and literate as anybody else, and I think it is pathetic that some people would immediately think less of someone because they enjoy the national game.

Anyway, rant over. The Premier League, the worlds richest and best (IMO) league. It kicked off on Saturday and I would like to make some predictions if I may. This are purely based on my knowledge and opinion, anyone who stumbles across this and finds issue with what I have said I am glad to listen to reasoned debate, hell it is half the reason I am writing this. Anyone who stumbles across this and proves the stereotype correct in regards to Football fans, can gladly fuck off back to their holes and masturbate furiously over their retrospective teams message boards.

As a United fan I know my opinion my appear biased, but I promise you I am looking at this from a Neutral perspective:

Arsenal: Had a fantastic game against Everton, but I think will struggle to maintain their hold on their "big 4" status. They'll get it, but not by much. 4th

Aston Villa: A bit of a poor start against Wigan but they will bounce back, they have a good manager but they need to do something about their squad depth. One injury and that could blow their season. They will be fighting for a Euro Place, but won't be able to hold off the challengers. 8th

Birmingham: Have started well, nearly had a point at Old Trafford and beat Blackburn in midweek. I like Alex McLeish and I think they will survive, just. 17th

Blackburn: Unfortunate to go down to a last minute pen, and they were overwhelmed by City talent at the weekend. They are going to struggle without Roque Santa Cruz and may be involved in the relegation quagmire. 15th

Bolton: Bore the crap out of me, play an exceptionally dull style and fully deserve to go down. But they are fighters and should stave off relegation for another season. 12th.

Burnley: Remarkable win against United, but I think that is going to be their high point this season. I can't see them staying up. 19th

Chelsea: New manager settling in well, 2 wins out of 2 and a fantastic performance against Hull in midweek. I think they may just come out of this season as champions. 1st

Everton: They are a lot like Villa, they have a brilliantly talented manager and some excellent players, but they don't have the depth to mount a serious challenge on the top four. With Spurs and City looking good they will struggle to make Europe and will challenge Villa all the way again, but not for 5th. 7th

Fulham: Roy Hodgson is a genius, what he has done with Fulham is nothing short of remarkable. I think Europe may be their downfall this season, and may have to settle for a top ten finish. 10th

Hull City: Crap club, Crap manager. Down in a ball of flames this season. 20th

Liverpool: They are nearly there, they pushed United all the way last season. Even with the loss of Xabi Alonso they will be strong, as long as they keep Gerrard and Torres fit. despite a opening day loss I think they'll be challenging United and Chelsea this season. 3rd

Man City: People bang on about them cracking the big four this season. I can't see it happening, they have spent all this money but the players need time to gel, to develop a unity and bond that will work for them. Europe is a definite though. 6th

Man United: I am worried about the Red Devils. they have lost Ronaldo and Tevez. They have not spent the money from the Ronaldo transfer wisely and it has left them lacking options where they need it, at right back and on the wings. Owen doesn't look good enough so far and Berbatov seems as lazy as ever, Rooney is going to have to get used to filling Ronaldos boots, they'll be behind Chelsea. 2nd

Portsmouth: A club in trouble, financial uncertainty and the lack of a goal scorer is going to prove too much for them and they will stuck in a relegation battle that they will lose. 18th

Stoke City: they had a good season last season, and I fully expect them to be safe again this season. A team like Bolton, they play drab football but they get the results when they matter. 14th

Sunderland: A team on the rise, they have a good manager in Steve Bruce and have spent money wisely. Darren Bent looks good and I expect them to make an assault on the top ten places. 11th

Tottenham: Look brilliant, an excellent opening day win at Anfeild and a superb display against Hull. they have some brilliant attacking options, and although lacking at the back right now. I think, fully fit, Spurs will steal fifth from under Man City's nose.

West Ham: I think Zola is a brilliant boss. he just let's his team go quietly about their business and they'll finish in the top ten. 10th

Wigan: Have lost key players in Palacios and Valencia, and lost a key boss in Steve Bruce. But with a brilliant newbie in the hotseat I think they'll be safe again. 14th

Wolves: Look okay, Mick McCarthy is determined not to get another team relegated from the EPL and I don;t think he will. 16th.

So there you have it, the guide to how the league will not finish.

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