Saturday, 22 August 2009

The promise that you made left broken on the floor

I post this blog from a shiny (borrowed) Desktop PC. I figure with the amount of gaming I do a notebook probably isn't the best thing for me to use, that and I miss having admin right since my laptop went tech a few months ago. It will be getting fixed as soon as I have some damned money ¬_¬.

Moving on, I have a big decision to make in the next couple of months about whether to move up to Manchester. My sister, Nicola, and her boyfriend Dave have very kindly offered me a place to stay if they get a house they are looking at. It is just now up to me to figure out whether I want to leave Horley and move up North.

I have been weighing it up, and their are strong arguments for both sides as to whether I should stay or go. Going up their would probably give me a better chance at getting a job, I'll be in a major UK city and my sister has experience in the recruiting business so will be able to help me get something. It would also be a change of scenery, and whilst I really do like living in the south of England, there is very little for me to do in the area I live without hoping on a train and even then the only real place I can go for entertainment is the Cinema/Bowling Alley in Crawley. Being in a big city like Manchester would be rather fun as well, there is lots to do and lots of chances for me to start socialising over here, which is something that I definitely need.

The thing holding me back is that I have only really started a relationship with my parents again, we went through a tough period of arguing with each other and it has been nice to be with them and get back all the time I missed out on. I do regret fighting with my parents to such a degree that we stopped talking, I missed out on holidays, weddings and most of all time. I almost felt like a stranger coming back to them a year and a bit ago, and it has been really nice getting back on good terms with the two people who have supported me the most in my life.

I suppose I have to look at it from the point of "where do I want my life to go?" Manchester is a fantastic opportunity to finally get back into work, as God knows it has been a long time and I really miss money, and an active social life without having to worry about how much I am spending. It would also give me a chance to come to the Island that I love so much more often and be with my true friends, I miss seeing them all the time and having a job I will get the chance to visit more often.

It's a case of wondering if I will regret not doing it if I don't.

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