Monday, 10 August 2009

The Liar And The Lighter

Acoustic lovliness has been the order this week, I guess with the weather being rather nice and with events that have been going on recentley, I could do with some chilling out.

I started again, I am aiming for a clean slate with things and what better way to do that is by listening to one of the most stunning covers I have ever heard. This little lady has a massive future ahead of her if she can carry on like this. It is not often that you can say that a cover is better than the original but if you listen to the orignal, I think you can all agree that the cover is far better, it's one of those songs that gives me goosebumps everytime I listen to it.

Acoustic-ness wasn't my original plan music wise this week, a thread on a forum that I post on was asking what gems of musical brilliance have you re-discovered this week, and someone posted a link to InMe "Angels With Snipers". This reminded me of how beautiful White Butterfly is as an album, in comparison with anything before or after this nothing can hold a candle in my opinion, full of angsty lyrics and awesome-ness of a wonderful kind. For example, this just gets better and better everytime I hear it, one of the few songs that I would love to play if I had an ounce of talent in any musical department. They also have easily one of the best "pretty songs" of any album that I have heard, and it was this that lead to my acoustic journey this week.

I don't think there is anything better than listening to an acoustic song, I think it showcases vocal skill more than any other type of music, especially in the genre's that I tend to listen to. Hearing a band that usually plays pretty heavy, shouty rock tone the music down and play something chilled and relaxed is heaven to me. A singer that usually shouts his way through a set that shows the he/she does have some talent when it comes to actual singing makes me incredibly happy for some reason and it's something I think other bands should indulge it. Acoustic Machine Head for example =D =P.

My last rant of the day, it is aimed and an "old freind" of mine, Fred Durst and his lame ass bunch Limp Bizkit. They managed, through bribary or something, to be inducted into the Kerrang Hall Of Fame at the K! Awards last week. What the hell is up with that. You all know how I feel towards Limp Bizkit, but this is a step too far, what exactly have they done to deserve being inducted into any Hall Of Fame? Ridiculous.

Anyway, Finally just a few songs that I have been raping this week in case anyone wants to hear them (none of these will the songs I have already linked):

Charlie Simpson - Carry Her
Taking Back Sunday - One-Eighty By Summer
Killswitch Engage - The End Of Heartache
Boy Hits Car - Man Without Skin
YouMeAtSix - Always Attract

Love 'n' Stuff =]


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