Monday, 10 August 2009

My New Thing

I am about to post something else that I have written *cringe*. I'm not sure whether to call them lyrics or not, I mainly call them lyrics because it's hard to call them anything else really. If anyone knows, please tell me =P.

Anyway, this piece is actually inspired by the witch that is Anne Robinson. I was watching something with her putrid face in it the other day, and I thought about all those celebrity women who get plastic surgery that just look hideous, Anne Robinson, Liza Minelli, Courtney Love even Axl Rose has had pretty major surgery. It made me think why people don't just age gracefully, or naturally like the rest of us will have to do. This is what was spawned anyway, my mind is messed up:

Open your eyes
Tell me what you see
True lies?
Or a twilight beauty?

Your moment gone
A moment in the light
Oh, how it shone
It shone so bright

Time makes fools of us all
When you do not heed it's call

Outdo your pride
You want to be
The child that lives inside

Your dreams
Have they all come true?
The great scheme
Was it worth what you went through

Time makes fools of us all
When you do not heed it's call

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