Thursday, 13 August 2009

And I'd give the world to you, and I'd mean it. But only if you give me the sky

I now really cannot wait for OCtober 31st. I have been sat here listening to Be Human this afternoon, and although on first listen I wasn't such a big fan I am now in love with the record. It's a perfect addition to their Discography. Each album has been wonderfully different and Be Human is just one of those records that you listen to and smile.

What does annoy me though, is that people still bring up Busted when talking about Charlie Simpson. It is annoying in the sense that, yes it was a big part of his career, but he has moved on to something he loves. He has stated this many times, that whilst Busted was fun it wasn't filling a hole in his heart that craved creativity. It has been four years, three albums, an EP, a CD of B-Sides and countless rave reviews since Busted finally dissappeared from the music scene and Mr Simpson, along with his cronies, have done exceptionally well for themselves and have established themselves and one of the best British rock bands around today.

The News Of The World (Reputable, I know) ran a story, well a blurb, about how Charlie would be interested in a Busted comeback tour, and it is complete fabrication. Why would he want to go back to that when he has already admitted that he loves being a part of Fightstar and it is clear that his musical Allegances lie with playing and writing alternative rock. People who still assocciate Charlie with Busted need to be strung up and shot between the eyes, but not before being forced to listen to Fightstars back Catelouge to show who wrong they are in saying that he was better suited to Busted.

Moving on, and it's sad to see NIN have played their last show on UK shores. I've never been a massive fan of NIN but I do understand that they have had a huge influence on a lot of artists that I listen to. Trent Reznor is a hero in my eyes, totally devoted to his music and I don't think I know of anyone who tries as hard as he does when it comes to creating music.

I was also upset to see that Limp Bizkit and Machine Head have made up, I would of paid good money to see Fred Durst get his head kicked in buy burly metallers who I would most certainly hate to meet in a dark alley. Ah well.

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