Thursday, 9 July 2009

My Revitalisation

I have figured out that whilst in theory Blogs are a very good idea, in practice they are very hard to do. I have probably tried to start this blog 8 or 9 times until I thought "sod it" and instead of thinking about it just letting my brain wander until something suitable popped into my head.

I am very unhappy with how this Blog has turned out so far, I have tried to come away from my childish ramblings on LiveJournal and Bebo but it looks as if I have got set in my ways, and for the second time I have found myself making the promise that no more shall my Blog resemble an emo teenagers blog.

To do that I figure that I will start writing about the things that interest me and turn this into a more topical, opinionated blog. The things I like being Music/Games/Sport, so basically this is going to be probably like a million other Blogs that are out there today, the difference being it's my opinion and that's the only one that I can honestly say I care about when it comes to my interests (yes, it may sound arrogant but that's your opinion =D).

The first thing I wanted to talk about is Limp Bizkit...What in fuck's name is going on there! The world, or at least I, thought they were dead and then they pop up with a set at Download and are now doing some gigs for Kerrang. People are treating them like the messiah's but as far as Nu-Metal bands go they weren't even close to being the best, they are stuck behind Korn, Slipknot, American Headcharge, Taproot, Trapt, POD, Mudvayne, Drowning Pool and even Linkin Park. Fred Durst is possibly one of the biggest tools in music as well, he is an arrogant, smug, smartarse who needs to be wiped off the face of the earth. Their music may have been the "cool" thing at the turn of the century but listening to it now makes my skin crawl, I imagine if they came out with anything new people are going to start raping them again saying they are awesome when in reality, they are Korn for Pussies.

I recently heard that Funeral For A Friend are goign to be releasing a "Greatest Hits" album in September sometime, I really don't know how to feel about this, whilst Funeral will always be my favourite band, this stinks of trying to get as much money as possible. They are a band in the prime of their career after releasing their fourth album "Memory and Humanity" late last year, and have also recently announced they will be releasing some EP's with some new tracks on them around the same time. Why in God's name are they bringing out a greatest hits album when the majority of their best songs are still in recent memory, I've seen the tracklist as well and whilst I agree with the majority of it I think that they need to take everything that was from "Tales Don't Tell Themselves" and replace them with "The Art Of American Football" and "Kiss And Make Up". Like I said, it stinks of a money making scheme and it annoys me as they never really struck me as the kind of band that would try and get as much money as possible at the expense of fans loyalty.

The last thing I want to talk about music wise is Lady GaGa. What is up with her? Whilst I will admit that Poker Face is a pretty okay song, I was listening to Radio 2 in the car (parents choice, not mine) and her new offering came on "Paparazzi" and if I wasn't told who it was by I could of sworn it was Gwen Stefani. She annoys the fuck out of me, and whilst I havn't listened to the album, I'm not sure I want to. I don't get the hype around her, she is liked by everyone and I don't know why, she sings like Gwen Stefani and Dresses like Pink, she is a clone. releasing radio freindly tacks for the masses who like to have "something a bit different" to listen to, she makes the "rock chick" image look poor. Mainly because she is a moose...

Right, finally, and I mean it this time, I am just gonna give you an indication of what I have been listening to this week in the way of a top 5 from my iTunes. I like doing this because, well, I just do. I guess it's just nice to show other people what you are liking and maybe giving some people some ideas of some new music:

5) Technically Alive - Exit Ten
4) Omen - The Prodigy
3) If It Means A Lot To You - A Day To Remember
2) War Machine - Fightstar
1) One - Eighty By Summer - Taking Back Sunday


Love 'N' Stuff


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