Monday, 13 July 2009

My Creative Outlet

You know when you see something and you wish "I wish I could do that." I just got that feeling looking at the lyrics for Brand New's album "Deja Entendu", to be more specific the song "Guernrica". How stunning is that song! actually the whole album is just a masterpiece in my opinion.

I have always tried to write lyrics, depending on moods and whatever inspiration I feel at the time, but I have never felt as if I am any good at it. I know that I am creative, and I enjoy writing because I have no other creative outlet. I am far too lazy to learn an instrument, although I had a strange dream last that I was playing along to Waste A Moment by Fightstar on an acoustic guitar, but I digress. Writing seems to be the only thing I am half good at creatively, but why is it that every time I write something that seems pretty decent at the time, ten minutes later I am scrunching up the paper it is written on and giving up. I think that is what I get for being a self doubting pessimist. I know I could try art as well, but if you had seen any attempt I have made at drawing etc you would be forgiven in thinking it was done by a five year old, who was blind, and also attempting the feat with their nose.

Moving on! Brand New are releasing a new album in September and I couldn't be more excited, Brand New are a band that signifies the benchmark for whatever Genre they are. Brilliant music, brilliant writing but the thing that sets them apart from most other bands is that they are not afraid to try something different. You look at their first album "Your Favourite Weapon", then compare it to "Deja Entendu" and "The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me" and you tell me that each of them is not dramatically different from the last without losing that spark that Brand New have for making brilliant music. I want to go to Reading, mainly to see them as they are on my "Five bands to see before I die or they break up" list, which I am working through, there is only 3 left so I am not doing to badly. The new album should be fantastic, mainly because Jesse Lacey is worried about how people are going to receive it, as they wrote songs that they would want to play live, as opposed to writing something that other people might like to hear, to be honest, I think that if you enjoy playing something live then fans are going to appreciate it much more than if you write some radio friendly crap that no-one is going to enjoy apart from the sheep of Radio 1.

Onto other news, and I have recently seen a list of the first 24 songs to be included in GH5, which is due for release on the 1st September, and I have to say what a pile of wank! Who in their right mind would want to play a Coldplay song on Guitar Hero! The director Brian White has said "We have a lot of new indie artists as well and Iron Maiden as more classic rock or heavy metal." I'm sorry but Indie? How fun is that going to be to play... Green, Red, Yellow, Green, Red Yellow....Repeat until nauseous or your head explodes through boredom. I just can't believe they haven't included BFMV, Machinehead etc, things that would actually be challenging to play. The White Stripes and Coldplay can suck my ass.

I still want Modern Warfare, and I cannot wait to get it, Kris got me addicted when I was on the Isle of Man and I have been thinking about getting it ever since. Obviously before I dive in to online playing I will be going through the story mode first, as if you had seen how appalling I was when on the island you would of been laughing just as hard as Kris was. 3 Kills for 21 deaths isn't exactly good, although I was pleasantly surprised with the 3 kills as running around with a shotgun is considered suicide on a level that is a perfect haven for snipers. Must get better, and I will, just you watch!

Finally, I just want to say something about some things I have been seeing on T.V this week.
Torchwood = Good until the last episode. RTD you really know how to ruin something.
Robin Hood = Thank God Robin is dead, the emo faced berk
Mock the Week = Thank God you are back!
That Mitchell and Webb Look = I remember when you guys were funny
Kingdom = Damn cliffhangers
F1 = Go, Webber, Go
Cricket = England were far to lucky and the opening batsman should be ashamed of themselves. Collingwood, Anderson and Panesar you legends.

Anyways, I'll love you and leave you.

Love 'n' Stuff


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