Sunday, 31 May 2009

My 1:06 on a Sunday Morning

Maybe it is just the cynic in me, but some adverts are just plain f*cking stupid. Take the new offering from Oasis, lets forget for a second that Rubberduckzilla is possibly the most retarded idea ever and the sterotype that all Japanese Women wear short skirts and have their hair in pigtails is so pathetically far from the truth it hurts.

Let's focus on their bloody idiotic slogan "For people who don't like water." For a start, it contains water, so the slogan is a blatant lie. Secondly Oasis is packed full of sugar, so for you to give up water entirely to drink something that has a heck of a lot of sugar in it? I guess its a rebellious thing, yeahh well done you rebel. You stay righteous, right up until they take you'r foot. Thirdly, after doing some research, I found the 1.5l bottle of summer fruits costs £1.59 and the RDA of water to drink per day is 2 Litres, so lets call the price £2.12 . So over the course of the average Male lifespan of 76 years you would have to spend £60,928.80 on something that you could get for free....I think the choice is pretty simple, whether you like it or not

I know it's only an ad campaign, I have just had far to much time on my hands, and I am a cynical bastard. I blame my Dad.

Right I think sleep might actually come now, so lets give this a go. Between me and the greefly massing outside my window I think we should get a few hours in.

Love 'N' Stuff


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