Tuesday, 13 April 2010

So a lot has changed since I last blogged, which was a fair while ago. I apologise to my avid readers.....(AHAHAHAHAHA)

Like I said, a LOT has changed. I moved away from my sisters in Manchester and I am now living with Clazz in Uckfield (Via a few days pit stop at my parents house :P).

Losing that job with JD Williams has been both a godsend and a bit of a disaster. On the one hand I got to move down here, which means I got to be closer to Clazz which is still the most amazing thing ever. I really can't imagine anywhere I would want to be that with her. She always makes me smile and even when I am feeling down (which is a fair amount, c'mon.....This is me we are talking about here). People like Clazz, perfect people like Clazz, are very hard to come across and now that I have found her I NEVER intend on letting that go. She is everything I could have ever asked for :). It also means I get to be closer to my parents, which is always nice seeing as we did spend a lot of time apart when shit went down (turned into a playa for a second there).

There is the job side of things, which seems to be going rather crap at the moment. Yes I am picking up some hours at the shop (retail?!?! ZOMG!) but it's not going to be enough to pay rent and bills... especially now that the Job Centre are stopping my benefit because I am living with Clazz. Apparently because she works full time she can support me. They never thought to ask me how much she actually earns in a year. Trust me, she can't.

I dunno how to feel about it, there is the obvious anger, but I feel really guilty as well. It's not like I wanted this but I feel like I am putting unnecessary pressure on Clazz and I don't think that's fair of me. She has enough things on her plate without the person who is supposed to be supporting her and helping her adding to that list.

Apart from that whole thing, life is jolly well spiffing. I don't think I could be happier about where I am living. I am doing things with my life, and it feels wonderful. Especially with the right person at my side :)

Love 'n' Stuff


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