Thursday, 15 April 2010

Letters To You

Dear Clazz,

I wanted to write something for you, I wanted you to know that you are amazing. You need to know how much you have changed me, how you've influenced me, put me in a place in which I am actually happy. You need to know that when I smile now, it's not out off courtesy, it's because I am happy. This is because of you. The reason I write this here is because, although I know, I want the world to understand how amazing you are to me.

Without you I would have never felt like this, I would not be this happy. You give me a feeling of safety, security, hope, happiness and so many other feelings that I cannot even begin to describe. Every time I think about you I smile, I feel like I have a meaning. You have done so much for me, without even once complaining. You take on my all my insecurities, my paranoia, my self deprecation and all you want to do is help me. You are an amazing person, Clazz, and I feel lucky every day to have ever met you and I always will feel lucky.

I love you so much, and it's not just something I say to make you happy. It's true, it's real and I wouldn't change any of it for the world. You are my gorgeous girl and I just hope with all my heart I can make you happy. As happy as you make me :)

I could quote a million song lyrics, sayings, poems and extracts from novels to sum up my feelings for you but I think only one need suffice.

"You are the only exception"


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