Friday, 12 February 2010

Wake Up

So tired, but I can't sleep. Here's something I wrote at work earlier out of sheer depression mainly:

"Sleepless Night's, Hallway Lights"

I kept hold of you
For as long as I could
Memories, lay brightly
Against my clouded mind

But your heart was torn
And now I can't recall
Exactly who you were

You left me on my own
You left me here to fall
My wide eyes fearful
When I knew I was alone
Why did you go?

It's been hard to take
Images flood my mind
The days I spent fade
And I lost all my strength


The bathroom light will die
As you closed your eyes
Your last image would be me

I hope you think of me
From time to time
And where ever you are
I hope you're fine

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