Tuesday, 23 February 2010

My Holiday Memories

Airports, Masturbation talk, Slaps, Trams, Missplaced Hotel Bookings, Red Light District, Neon Underwear, Pizza Slut, Random Sex Toys, Bagels, Staircases, Hugs, Kisses, Pitta Bread Burgers, Cheap Food Expensive Beer, Homo Monument, Spinning On Round-a-Bouts, Sneezing Dutch Names, Timbucktu, Getting Lost, Meeting New People, Getting Dave McPhearsons' Autograph, Mosh, Photographs, Polite Titties, Autographs On Random Things, Kris Taking My Innocence Train Rides, Double Decker Trains, Staring Kids, Half Cooked Cheesy Bread, Snow, Not Mentioning The War, Damn Germans, Shit Off, Jog On, Tiny Venue, Intimate Gig, Talking To Fightstar, Jagersnitzel, Bockwurst, Balzac The German Monkey, Eating Trees, Happy Hour, Craig Cregeen, Kris James Fryer, Sarah Jane Grace, Natalie Carroll, Lieke Braadbaart, Clarissa Linnitt, Dan, Al, Ohms, Charlie, Amsterdam and Berlin 2010. Thank you =]

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