Thursday, 30 July 2009

My One Bad Thing

Okay, so my last blog was kinda soppy and Emo. I suppose I must of fallen off the wagon when it comes to talking about emotions and stuff, I guess being more closed about everything does have it's good points. For a start it means I'm not viewed as pathetically emotional (I probably am, amongst other things), and by carrying on spewing emotional crap I am becoming ever increasingly reliant on people to get me out of those moods. I guess if I start dealing with things internally, i'll learn to become emotionally stronger and it will be eaiser for me to deal with problems.

Anyway, now that is over, I want to focus on Fightstar today. Charlie Simpson is quite possibly one of the best lead singers today, I have beeen listening to his acoustic stuff on MySpace this morning (you can find the link on my Twitter to the right) and it is incredible. Fightstar have an amazing knack for shifting from one genre to the other, they can produce stunning moments of simplistic acoustic-ness and the follow it up with riff laden monsters that will leave you wanting to jump around and smash things up. The latest album "Be Human" is under some scrutiny from the hardcore fans for being a bit too mainstream, and whilst I agree that it is a lot different from Grand Unification and One Day Son... It's not to say that it is worse. In fact, in alot of ways it is better, It sounds brilliant and even if it has a few fillers they are of a high quality and in my opinion it is a brilliant addition to a fine back catalouge and I can't wait to hear War Machine played live =D.

Only a short blog today, but I got what I needed to say off my chest so yeahh.

Love 'N' Stuff


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