Thursday, 16 July 2009

My bringin' da noize

Today, oi 'ave been mostly listnin' to acoustic lovliness.

I suppose I have to thank Amy for reminding me to look up Elissa Franceschi, she has such a wonderful voice, as shown with her back up vocals on You Me At Six track Always Attract. A reccomended song would be Twenty, which can be found right here -> I'm not sure who she reminds me of, she reminds me of someone, but to be honest I am not sure how much I care, it's just pretty =]. She does a rather splendiferous cover of Wonderwall as well, although Amy will be quick to point out that I originally criticized it... Please, listen to Elissa, she is definately worthy of your attention.

One of the forums that I frequent have been having a discussion on the state of todays music scene, and whether the Rock music scene is on a decline. The arguement is that with pop/dance/R'n'B etc making up the majority of the charts, people are looking at rock music as being dead. I really don't know if I agree with that, just because something is not in the charts doesn't mean it is a defunct genre. Besides plenty of "rock" bands of different sub-genres have made it into the charts: Foo Fighters, Paramore, Linkin Park to name but a few. Rock music has never been about being popular, although some bands will make you feel otherwise (MCR, Fallout Boy I'm looking at you!), it is all about the music. The process. The Fans. Money is just an added bonus and the majority of bands put it straight back into that process of making new stuff whilst taking some aside for themselves.

I agree that there are bands that sell out, making radio friendly crap that is such a far cry from what you are used to from them you are unsure they are the same band (MCR, Metallica, I am looking at you). But the majority of bands out there are hard working and are making music because that is what they love doing. I fail to see how Rock as a genre is going to go down the shitter, it has many sub genres and will continue to thrive whilst fake, money grabbing whore bags will get bored and sink into obscurity.

That's it from me today.

Love 'n' Stuff


P.S Amy is awesome.....happy now? =P

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