Monday, 27 April 2009

My first time.

I stole this from my Dad....

A phrase that I don't intend to utter again when in relation to something that is actually, rather cool.

I have tried blogging before, but that was silly Bebo or Facebook blogs. I figure that somewhere that is a dedicated site to blog would be more appropriate, so here I am.

I suppose an introduction would be the best way to start, my name is Ashley Marks (or Ash to the majority of people, myself included.) and I am a mere 21 years old. As my wonderfully informed father mentioned - here, I am unemployed and seeking ways to make the boredom and tedium go away.

Writing is one of those things that, in my life anyway, helps me get points across. I can talk, and boy do some people know it, but talking is such an instantaneous thing and when I want to get things of my mind it takes an awful lot of effort to think about what I am saying, and anything that I do say cannot be taken back. Here, it is like a chalkboard, I can think about what I am doing and erase anything that may seem inappropriate or irrelevant to what my point is.

Anyway, you will have to excuse the possibly emo rantings that may spill out of my brain when drunk or just generally feeling down about life, I am very sceptical and pessimistic, which I blame entirely on past dealings which I wont go into. So, if I do seem like I am ranting on about how redundant my life is, or how nothing ever seems to be going my way, bare with me, it is just how I deal with things. Think of it as punching a wall, but instead of the wall its a keyboard, and instead of punching it is rapidly typing until my fingers are nothing but bloody stumps attached to the end of my hands.

I have many things to look forward to in the next couple of months, not least of which is the marriage of two of my best friends Craig and Vicky, and in 9 weeks time I will be trapsing back to where I grew up, the Isle of Man. The wonderful rock in them iddle of the Irish sea, that puts the Irish to shame when it comes to drinking, in my opinion. I love it there, I didn't want to leave, but unfortunately unemployment doesn't give a crap when it comes to what you want and deals you crap hands all the time. Now, not that I am complaining because I'm not, I am stuck in Horley, looking out of my bedroom window at the rain and counting down the minutes till I get back and get to see the people I love doing there thing up front at a Church in Port Erin. I will be stood by the side of my best friend Craig, as he willingly gives up the "single" life to one of the nicest women I have ever encountered in Vicky. It will be a wonderful day, and hopefully, weather permitting, I can get drunk on Douglas promenade and try not to make an arse of myself by dancing in the middle of the main road.

More pressing matters though, getting a job is my main priority. Suprisingly, I am missing the 9-5 life, after nearly 6 months of boredom its easy to forget how much of the day working can get out of the way and how much crap you can miss. You miss daytime TV, conversations with the postman, trying to decide whether you can be arsed spending your "hard earned" job seekers money on a pasty, which means walking all the way to the bakery. I am scared that I have become far to lethargic, I mean, I know I was lazy before but when you cannot be arsed to take a five minute walk to Tesco so you can get something that isn't a Pot Noodle to eat, you have to start worrying.

There are many other things that I want to talk about, but my Pot Noodle and Xbox 360 are calling me way, and like a coward I must go and obey them....for now


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