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I wasn't going to do a blog focusing entirely on football (not soccer), mainly because, a part from people of a certain forum I post on and some select friends, no-one I know really gives a shit about the national game. In fact, the majority of people I know think they are a load of over played fuckwits who should just fuck off. Then I realised that this is my blog, not written for anyone else but my purposes, so all of those people who think that me writing a blog about these "over paid fuckwits" can, well, fuck off.

I want to address two issues that seem to be a talking point this week. Firstly, the England players seemingly "not caring" about the shirt because they had the audacity to relax after a game in which they were humiliated in. SHOCK, I mean how dare these people try and relax after a particularly horrendous day at work. What gives them the right to want to unwind. Of course, I am being sarcastic. Everyone who thinks this is obviously an imbecile who has had their brain stem removed by tabloid newspapers before being forced to eat it.

Think about it this way, if you had a really bad day at work and nothing was going right for you, would you want to unwind and take your mind off of it afterwards? OF COURSE YOU FUCKING WOULD? Only a moron would think that any of these players are in anyway unpatriotic because they lost a game and then decided to have a bit of a party. No-one can throw the "over paid" card into play either, manly because they are not paid to play at international tournaments. In fact, they would have been given bonus's depending on their progress in the World Cup so they are in fact losing out on money for not getting as far.

Would people rather these players dwelt on the loss? Knowing full well that the new season is coming around? These people are highly important to the clubs that YOU SUPPORT. Would you not be pissed off if, say, John Terry hadn't taken his mind of the World Cup and Chelsea had a shit start to the season? Or Peter Crouch, Defoe, Rooney? The national game would suffer and then we would bitch more. LET THEM HAVE A HOLIDAY.

I'm not saying that people shouldn't be angry about the result, of course they should, it would only be right for people to expect more from them. But, for the love of GOD don't have a go at them. They all know how badly they did, and they want to forget it. Let them. Don't let the domestic game suffer because you feel slighted. Of course, a lot of you only follow international football and wont bother watching football again until 2012. In which case, shut your mouths until England inevitably go out in 2012 and this whole debate can start again.

Another point is the use of goal line technology. Which, in my humble view anyway, should be an issue that shouldn't even have to be raised. OF COURSE THEIR SHOULD YOU DAFT IDIOTS! Frank Lampard being case in point. It was obvious to EVERYONE that the ball had crossed the line, not to the referee and linesman (to call that man an assistant to the referee would be an embarrassment to the term) of course. But Sepp Blatter (president of FIFA, the governing body of football) seems to think that to take 2 minutes out of the game to consult a small camera THAT ARE ALREADY IN THE GOAL for television replays would be bad for the game and disrupt flow.

I have two issues with this. Firstly, the fact that he thinks it would disrupt the game to make the right call shows me that he is unfit to be the president of the governing body for one of the worlds top sports. It would have taken less time to consult a camera and made the call, than it would have for the goalkeeper to pick the ball up and hit his pass. My second point is another point on the "disrupting the flow of the game" argument, it is seemingly stupid to do the right thing and waste a couple of minutes but when a player who is obviously not injured, when his team are one nil up with 30 seconds to go, goes down like he's had a pickle inserted in his arse and writhes around on the floor for three minutes after an opposition player taps him on the shoulder, is okay...

Sepp Blatter needs to get his priorities straight. If a game like Tennis and Rugby can have this kind of technology, why can't the worlds biggest sport?

It hinders the integrity of an already ailing game, and makes the fans who protest it so much feel worthless.

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